The ultimate Doomsday spending spree

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According to the Mayans, the world is ending today, so why are you bothering to save money.  It’s time to max out the limits on your credit cards and with only a few more hours of Doomsday left, it’s time to go wild.

Here are a few expensive items to help you plan your ultimate Doomsday spending spree:

-- Start by booking a one way first class ticket ticket on Cathay Pacific for $8,000 to Hong Kong, which is the world's most expensive city to buy property in.An apartment in Hong Kong recently sold for $60 million.

-- If you prefer to take a flight to the moon, American Compan Golden Spike just announced it's planning private flights that will cost an estimated $1.4 billion.  But that's not until 2020. 

-- Drive to the airport in a $2.4 million Bugatti Super Sport Veyron. This is the most expensive street legal car available today.

-- On the way, splash out on a $50 cup of elephant dung coffee, made by a special group of elephants in Thailand.

-- Drop $320,985 on the world's most expensive iPhone case, unveiled by the world's least interesting celebrity, Mischa Barton.  The case is 18-carat rose gold, with pink and white diamonds. It's as pricey as it is hideous.

-- If you’re looking for experiences rather than stuff, maybe hire the Rolling Stones to play background music for their reported price of $7 million an hour while Malcom Gladwell gives you a pep talk for $80,000. 

-- Rolling Stones not for you?  How about Jersey Shore?  You can pay Snooki her appearance fee of $25,000 to show up somewhere -- and if you don't like her, pay her the money to show up some place you’re not. 

Ahh....the things we could buy if we didn't have to worry about tomorrow.





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