Travel website saves you money, but destination is a mystery

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There aren't too many ways to save money on airfare.  It doesn’t matter if you're using Kayak, Expedia,  Orbitz, or the airline's own website, the ticket costs the same whenever you look.

Priceline is one option, but you don't know when you're flying.  It could be any time between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m, and if you're going international, the times range between 5 a.m. and 2 a.m. the next day.

If you've got a tight vacation schedule, you typically need to know when you're going.  But if you care less about WHERE you're going, you may want to check out the travel website

Get going is a new site which gives you information about your flights such as the times and the exact cost. The one thing you don’t know is where you're headed.  But don’t worry, it will be at least somewhere you want to go as they let you pick two options.  You then click “purchase” and then it will tell you where you’re headed.

So, let's say you want to head from Los Angeles to Europe for a week.  You could pick Istanbul for $821 or Rome for $990.  Both flights are a deal as you are saving $171 on the flight to Istanbul.  If you are okay with either option, then click "purchase" and you'll learn which city you'll be going to.

Obviously, mystery travel like this isn't for everyone.  But sometimes, you just want to take a trip somewhere and this is a way to save money doing it.

On, you can select by region or by experience.  For example, you can choose a beach in Cancun or the Bahamas. Before you buy, you should look at hotel prices in each city, or make sure you have friends to crash with in either.

If you're going on a larger trip to Europe, remember, most cities are pretty close together.  It doesn't matter that much if you're flying into Paris or Amsterdam.

It's kind of an exciting way to travel – and you’ll be saving money along the way.

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