Electrify your relationship with an app

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That smart phone you can't live without may make it easier for couples who can't be together. Here are a couple of apps for couples.

COUPLE: Formerly known as Pair, this app is now called Couple. Couple allows two people to send photos, text, and video back and forth.  You already have the features on your phone; Couple just puts them all in the same package.

The more unique features include a live drawing application, so you can communicate in real-time, and, of course, the thumbprint kiss.  To use it, both users have to be on the app at the same time and touch a picture.


AVOCADO: The app Avocado is similar and has many of the same features as Couple. But it has a bigger emphasis on lists.  These could be the things you want to do together as a couple.

Instead of a thumbprint kiss, you put this Avocado up to your chest to give a hug. 

Both apps are available for iPhone and android.  Both are free to download.

If you give them a try, let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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