Website lets you keep tracking of air miles and points

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If you’ve been collecting miles and points, you probably want to start keeping track of them all.  One great site that can help is

Think of Award Wallet as a giant Costanza Wallet to keep all of your point balances. First, you have to input your account information - everything from airlines to hotels to rental cars to loyalty programs like Open Table and Best Buy Reward Zone.

Then Award Wallet keeps track of how many points you have and when they expire. 

The service is free, but if you pay to upgrade, you get more detailed information and, for $10, a printed card with all of your account numbers that you can squeeze into your real wallet. 

But even the free version is pretty good as instead of remembering ALL your account usernames and passwords, you just need to remember one. It also lets you have all of your accounts in front of you so you can make the smartest decision when it comes to using your points.

You can even track your family members accounts if they give you access. 

Award Wallet will notify you when your account balances change, and can even track your travel, letting you know when you've got upcoming flights.

Keep in mind, there are a few programs that don't work with the site such as American, Southwest, and Delta.

Do you have a better system for keeping track of your miles?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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