What a chicken wing shortage really means

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If you’ve watched the news recently, you’ve seen coverage of the most important issue facing our nation. 

It seems there’s a chicken wing shortage which had some people concerned there may not be enough wings to satisfy the hungry fans watching the Super Bowl.   

So will there be enough?

In a word, yes.  There will definitely be enough.  All of these chicken stories are based off the same report by the National Chicken Council.  In the report, they explain demand is up and, due to last summer’s drought and ethanol production, there’s less corn for feed which leads to less chickens. 

But the report also says “consumers shouldn’t worry about any shortage of wings on Super Bowl Sunday or any time soon.”

The report also featured lots of chicken facts such as Americans will eat 1.23 billion wings on Super Bowl Sunday. And laid end to end, all these wings would stretch from the 49ers stadium to the Ravens stadium 27 times.

But here’s what you really need to know.  The wholesale price of wings has gone up.  So you might pay more for wings.  McDonalds is testing wings at locations around the country, so that might further impact wing prices.

But it’s no big deal.  Don’t do anything crazy.

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