Where to find ugly Christmas sweaters

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The ugly Christmas sweater was once the unfashionable go-to clothing item for middle school social studies teachers and your Aunt Susan, but it's now an in-demand outfit for hipster bars and office parties all December long.

PHOTOS: Ugly Christmas sweaters

The ugly Christmas sweater has become as commercialized as Christmas itself.  You used to be able to pick one up at Goodwill for $2, but good luck finding one that cheap now.  Someone has probably beaten you there, and is now selling that same sweater for $150 on eBay.

Websites like www.uglychristmassweater.com, www.rustyzipper.com and www.tipsyelves.com have also cashed in on the trend. They each sell high-end used ugly Christmas sweaters.

The hipster emporium Urban Outfitters sells sweaters for $39, but you don't know what sweater you're getting. It may or may not look like the one on the website because they are pitching it as urban renewal, handpicked and one of a kind -- which means they probably sent someone to a thrift shop, bought it for a buck, and are selling it to you for a $38 profit.

The guys from www.uglychristmassweaterparty.com sell a bunch of sweaters and have further cashed in on the trend by creating a book which claims to be “The Definitive Guide to Getting Your Ugly On.”

If you are shopping new, the key to finding a good ugly sweater is the women’s section of discount stores like Walmart.

Have you been invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party?  Send us your best pics at getonit@thelistshow.tv  -- and let us know how much you paid.




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