What's Trending: 3 Innovative Works of Light Art

The art scene is literally lighting up in amazing and interactive ways across the globe. We're putting a spotlight on light art, showing you one easy way to replicate it at home. Light art (which uses light as a medium) is popping up in galleries and at events across the globe. We've got three innovative forms that are shining through the landscape.


1. Bruce Munro’s site-specific light installations.

“What they will see are...a collection of lights...put together in a particular way, so that each piece has its own rhythm and its own sort of quality,” says Munro. He displays his installations around the world and alters the way he displays them based on their surroundings.


2. Bend, fold, and interact with light origami.

“Creative Producer Ruben Young says he and Japanese Artist Kaz have “created a geodesic dome, which is much like a 3D kaleidoscope….I think what's beautiful about art installations is the ability to create in a public space the opportunity for people to create the work themselves.” This year was the first time the installation came to America, at Canal Convergence, an annual festival put on by Scottsdale Public Art!

3. If you want to try light art on your own, try light graffiti or light painting.