Famous people giving famous apologizes

Love means never having to say you're sorry -- unless you love drugs, hookers or cheating...and you're famous.

Lance Armstrong may or may not be the latest to hit the apology circuit, but if he does decided to apologize on Oprah, he'll be on our list of major media mea culpas -- which is Latin for “my mistake.”

Tonight, the Oprah Winfrey Network airs part one of Oprah's interview with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong. 

"I had prepared and prepared like it was a college exam,” Oprah said.

If he was ready to apologize, he follows in the footsteps of some noteworthy public “sorries.”  Remember when golfer Tiger Woods turned out to be a pathological adulterer?

You'd think a golfer would be boring, but that guy is electric. And then there was New York Governor Eliot Spitzer who was busted for being a regular at an escort agency.

New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey also resigned after he was caught having an extra-marital affair -- with a bi-partisan twist.

Hollywood also has had it share of celebrities who made mistakes. After Hugh Grant was caught cheating on Liz Hurley with a hooker named Divine Brown, he went on the Tonight Show and faced the famous question of “What were you thinking?”

Just remember celebs…watch your Ps and Qs or it's just a matter of time unit it’s your turn to say “I’m sorry.”





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