What's Trending: Melissa McCarthy is the new Hollywood 'It Girl'

Forget about Jennifer Lawrence.  If you want to find a new movie star "It Girl," look no further than the former stand-up comedian and improv actress turned leading lady Melissa McCarthy. She's everywhere right now,  making us laugh in the most hilariously refreshing ways.  Melissa McCarthy - she's What's Trending. 

In "Identity Thief," opening this week, Melissa McCarthy steals Jason Bateman's identity.  But in real life, the actress has been stealing movies right and left.      
We got to know her on TV - think "Gilmore Girls" and "Mike and Molly," for which she won an Emmy, but it was the blockbuster "Bridesmaids" that really put McCarthy on the map, and got her an Oscar nomination.
Oh, and that other funny McCarthy, Jenny, IS Melissa's cousin!
Melissa grew up on a farm in Illinois and went from the barnyard to the bright lights after trying standup comedy on a whim. She honed her improv skills with the comedy troupe "The Groundlings," and showed off her adlib funny in movies like "The Back-up Plan" and "This is 40."
Melissa McCarthy, after years of being the sidekick, is front, center and majorly What's Trending. 
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