Stars playing even bigger stars

What do Scarlett Johannson, Robert Downey Junior, and James Franco have in common? Yes, they are big movie stars, but they've all played even bigger stars in the movies.

"Hitchcock" is currently in theaters. In it, Scarlett Johansson acts like actress Janet Leigh, the star of the legendarily scary "Psycho." Then there’s "Liz and Dick" which was TV this last weekend. The movie starred bleary-eyed Lindsay Lohan as violet-eyed Elizabeth Taylor.

And we can't forget Oscar Nominee Michelle Williams. She went platinum as the blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe in the 2011 film "My Week with Marilyn."

But it’s not just women shining in the star spotlight. Guy stars have also had their chance to play other famous stars. 

Robert Downey Junior starred as the silent movie icon Charlie Chaplin in the Oscar-nominated 1992 movie "Chaplin."

Another star got to play the legendary Elvis Presley. Elvis was played by an actor you'll remember from "Bend it Like Beckham" and "Mission Impossible 3." It was Jonathan Reese Meyers, in the 2005 TV movie "Elvis."

Finally, it's another king – James Dean. James Franco played the star in the 2003 TV movie of the same name.

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