What's Trending: 3 dog training tips that work on kids

A dog trainer who gives advice on raising toddlers? Turns out some tips for training dogs also work on kids.

On “Modern Family,” Cameron and Mitchell put their daughter Lily on a leash, but there may be something to using dog training techniques with kids. Some parents are borrowing tips from the likes of Cesar Milan, who says if you want discipline and devotion you need to be the leader of your pack. 

Bill Glatzel is a Harvard-trained therapist for people who is now an in-demand dog trainer. Here are his three tips from the dog world to help you with your kids:

1)  Don't talk so much. Keep your commands simple.

2)  Be an alpha parent. Bill says a true alpha dog rarely ever has to exert power because they earn respect.

3)  Give positive reinforcement. Rewards do work and Bill says he used them on his own son to get him to brush his teeth.



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