What's Trending: 4 new workouts to tone, stretch and inspire you

Tired of the treadmill? Sick of the Stairmaster? Don’t worry. There are whole bunch of wild new workouts – and that's what's trending.   

Someone's always cooking up a new miracle workout, but pole dancing, bouncing shoes and others are so 2012.  Start the new year by trying out some of these new workouts.

First on the list is hula hoops. This workout is really catching on because it's surprisingly efficient and do-able.

"When you're hooping at this level, you're burning between 400-600 calories.  Over the course of one summer I lost 25 pounds," said one hula hooper.

Think you can't do it? It may be the hoop you are using. Instructors say a lot of people think they can't hula hoop because they've picked up their child’s hula hoop and they can't get it going. But that's because it's not the right size and weight for an adult.

If hula hooping is not for you, maybe aerial yoga is more your style. It’s a combination of yoga and fitness, and has its roots in aerial dance. Aerial yoga involves variations on traditional moves while hanging in bat-like hammocks, which reduces strain on joints. 

"Once you get familiar with wrap fabric you can build strong big muscles and little muscles and strengthen core," said an aerial yoga participant.  

But if that type of yoga sounds too strenuous, check out flo-yo.  This is floating yoga which focuses on deep breathing in a peaceful lagoon and major muscle concentration.  

One final new workout is called  VIPR. VIPR stands for vitality, performance, and reconditioning. It combines a weighted rubber tube with lifting, pushing and twisting exercises -- for a comprehensive workout. 

Hoops, hammocks, tubes and abs...new workouts to keep you toned in 2013.




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