What's Trending: America has a secret crush on Jessica Simpson

Don't try to resist. You may think you're too cool, but secretly, we all have an unfashionable crush on Jessica Simpson.  And now, they say she may just be the next Lucille Ball.  You may not believe it, but Jessica Simpson is what’s trending.

PHOTOS: Jessica Simpson through the years

Jessica Simpson has been queen in the worlds of music, fashion, and weight loss. It's no surprise that her latest venture is getting a lot of heat.  She's already made her mark at NBC as a judge on "Fashion Star."  Now her upcoming sitcom has people talking.  

Her enduring fame began in 1999 with the smash hit "I Wanna Love You Forever", and that’s also when our unwavering love for Jessica began.

But when her reality show "Newlyweds" documented her life with then-husband Nick Lachey, she found a new niche, as a post-modern Yogi Berra

The moment that really won us over was when we learned Jessica Simpson wore mom jeans. While the tabloids made a meal of her, she feasted on consumers hungry to buy anything she was selling and building a fashion empire worth an estimated billion dollars.

This lady is so business savvy, that after having baby Maxwell she got paid $4 million to lose the baby weight.

Will her sitcom become another jewel in her crown of winning? It doesn't really matter as we'll love her anyway.



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