What's Trending: Beauty tips from Lauren Luke and other YouTube makeup mega-stars

A few years ago, if you wanted to learn about makeup, you had to stare into the pages of Seventeen magazine and hope for the best.  But with the internet turning the world's living rooms into production companies, we're getting helpful tips from the tips of our fingers. That's “What's Trending.”

Millions of women are now getting schooled by YouTube videos. If you search "Smoky Eye tutorial,” you’ll get over 200,000 maverick versions. Some of these “how to” divas have become YouTube makeup mega-stars --complete with cult followings and futures as bright as Mac Deep Sea Turquoise Eye Luster.

One of the biggest luminaries is Lauren Luke with over 129 million YouTube views. This British single mother loved makeup, posted videos and was so relatable, folks fell in love with her. Now she has her own brush line for Sephora.

Part of her charm is the homespun production values. While watching, listen carefully. You may just hear “Family Guy” on her TV and maybe a dog snoring.

Another British beauty tipster is Samantha Chapman. Known as Pixiwoo, she has millions of hits from her videos that mostly emulate celebrity makeup looks.

These makeup mavens inspire intense fanfare. One Leona Lewis video has over 9,000 comments. But she’s not the only one with a dedicated following.

Foundation phenom Michelle Phan tip on how olive oil conditions your brushes has 30,000 likes.  And do you want to know how she cleans her makeup brushes? So did 4.5 million other people.

Even her blooper videos get a million hits!

YouTube making makeup stars and giving us online makeovers one click at a time.


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