What's Trending: Beyonce Knowles is everywhere

It's been nearly impossible to miss the moment by moment coverage of Beyonce's lip syncing controversy, but that's just a small part of the big picture for the superstar.

In the upcoming Super Bowl, Beyonce will be the halftime entertainment. The Grammy winning singer also just signed a $50 million deal with Pepsi and was on the cover of GQ as the one of the sexiest women of the 21st Century.

She's not one of Jay Z's 99 Problems, but she is “What's Trending.”

The “Beyonce Bonanza” started four days ago with her headline grabbing performance at the President's Inauguration. She was handpicked by President Obama for the honor, but there has been no word on whether he asked her to "lip sync" or if she even did.

While this is a big deal for many performers, Beyonce’s next big deal will be the Super Bowl halftime show. Insiders say Beyonce will hit the stage solo, then have an onstage reunion with Destiny's Child. The threesome will blow up their first new song in 8 years titled "Nuclear."

You can also expect to hear a new song from Beyonce's upcoming album. It's her fifth and she's keeping the title a secret for now.

If you crave more of the diva, you can see a softer side of "Sasha Fierce" in her upcoming HBO documentary called  "Life is But a Dream."  Filmed in 2010, it is an intimate look at the singer as she prepared for a tour and motherhood.

What makes it different is Beyonce shot most of it herself.  

What can't she do?  Uh…fail.

You can catch the documentary on February 16.


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