What's Trending: Breaking Guinness World records

Did you know the Guinness Book of World records itself is actually record breaking? It's the most  frequently stolen book from the public library.

Everyone wants to have their name go down in history.   In the past, some wanted to be President, while others have dreamed of fame.  But now, it’s the dream to break a record. No matter how ridiculous or life-threatening that record is.

It all started in the 1950s, when there was no publication to record world records.  It was then that the Guinness Book of Records was first printed, which evolved into the best-selling book-series.  Now, it is the official authority on world records, and has ultimately inspired millions to epic feats.

There are records for everything and anything including a record for most records.

Some of the record holders risk a lot for the title, like their lives. Ted Batchler broke the record for longest full body burn without oxygen for almost 3 whole minutes.

Other records are not so dangerous to your health, like the Japanese woman who holds the record for largest Hello Kitty collection.   

While some attempts fail, like the woman who tried to retain the most water while riding a roller coaster, others come out triumphant, such as this guy who did the 100 meter-dash on all fours.


Where there's a will or a way, ordinary people do the extraordinary to get their name in the history books – and that's what's trending.

What would you get a world record for? Leave your record breaking goal in the comment section below.


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