What's Trending: Celebrity strippers

Jennifer Aniston, Marisa Tomei, Gwyneth Paltrow

This summer the comedy "We're the Millers" starring Jennifer Aniston made big bucks in the box office. A lot of its success was attributed to her playing a stripper. Gwyneth Paltrow is also coming out with a movie where she hugs the poll called "Thanks for Sharing."
This trend of stars stripping in their movies is not new, but what makes these movies hot?
Demi Moore did it in Strip Tease, Natalie Portman did it in Closer, Salma Hayek did it in From Dusk Till Dawn and Elizabeth Berklee went from vamp to camp in accidental comedy, Showgirls.
Audiences stuffed $180 million singles into the g-string of "We're the Millers." Three words -- Jennifer Aniston strips.     
Let's pull back the feathers to reveal our list of the top 3 cinematic strippers.   
At number 3: Halle Berry played a stripper twice! "The Last Boy Scout" and  "Frankie and Alice"  -- Golden Globe nom.
At number 2: "Thanks for Sharing" isn't out yet but it's just  so good to see Gwyneth in a club instead of her high horse.   
At number 1: Celebrities stripping is movie magic.. did someone say magic?

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