What's Trending: Celebs' body parts tweeting

Anne Hathaway just took home her first Oscar, but certain body parts really stole the show - launching a new Twitter account  with over 5,000 followers already.

Anne's hmmhmmms are following in the footsteps of Angelina's Right Leg, a superstar in the Twittersphere that burst onto the scene during last year's Oscars. Angie's Leg is stunning, gets lots of press, engages in repartee with other celebrities like Albert Brooks and has over 41,000  followers. 
Angie's Leg recently got into it with Jennifer Lopez's leg, a twitter account that stepped out during this year's Grammy's.  Angie's leg was none too happy with J Lo's leg and tweeted: "OH NO SHE DIDN'T!"
Bradley Cooper's  mustache, has an active Twitter account. It's busy saying "hi" to celebs like Debbie Gibson and even beefing with a rival Bradley Cooper mustache account.
Pippa's back side also tweets as does Kim Kardashian's -- because the rest of her is just so publicity shy. And don't forget @50centsteeth - an account with almost 5,000 followers. 
It's not just politicians and performers whose body parts earn accounts. Meet @lebronshairline, an account devoted to the thoughts and feelings of Lebron James' do. 
Celeb body parts that tweet -- it's what's trending. 


Angelina Jolie's right leg: https://twitter.com/AngiesRightLeg

Bradley Cooper's Mustache: https://twitter.com/BradleysStache

Lebron's hairline: https://twitter.com/LeBronsHairline

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