What's Trending: Exercising creativity through moonlighting

Every day your inbox is full of offers to ‘make money at home’.  Why?  Because everyone is looking to make a little cash on the side.  That’s why more and more Americans than ever, more than 7 million, are taking second jobs moonlighting.  It’s what’s trending.

A lot of people make extra cash doing stuff that is an extension of their day jobs, like teachers tutoring.  But we like seeing people who’s night work shows their versatility; for instance football players who cha ha, comedians who dive, and athletes who rap. 

Many people find a creative freedom in a sideline, like Kalli Sparish who works as an occupational therapist at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix by day, and dances for the Scorpius Dance Theater at night.  Making sure she could dance was a high priority for Sparish before taking the job that moved her across the country. 

"I’m generally a quiet person and when you get on stage it’s more of an alter ego.  All of the sudden you get to be anything, be anyone, you just become this completely different character or person," she said. 

The List’s Matt Gallant knows the feeling well.  When he’s not hosting for the show, he makes bronze statues at an art studio.  Even Hollywood types like to branch out.  Producer, Francis Ford Coppola has a vineyard, rapper Akon owns a diamond mine, and Jamie Foxx owns an avocado farm.

Americans aren’t the only ones spreading their creative wings, a new law in Britain requires police to register second jobs to prevent conflicts of interest.  It turns out they have been doubling up as everything from a vicar to ski instructor, ice cream salesmen, even pole dancing teachers and mediums. 

When the media squawks about how we’re well rounded, they’re usually suggesting a diet, but now it’s just as likely they’re working a night shift as a yoga teacher or dietician because moonlighting is what’s trending.


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