What's Trending: Good grammar is sexy

It's love week on the list so we explain why it ain't good to talk bad. Grammar...it's what's trending. 

If someone's whispering sweet nothings in your ear, but the subject and verb don't agree, it's not sexy.  According to a survey put out by Match.com, after nice teeth, proper grammar was considered one of the most attractive traits in a mate.

"[Good grammar] is sexy because it really says something about the person," said Amanda Collins, the Grammar Doctor. "It says the person is taking the time to care and then it translates to 'Hey, they are going to care about me.'"

Collins jokes saying the only thing sexier to her is good spelling -- and you should be careful in how you text people.  Using too many shortcuts like "U R hot" or "Wazzup" are not a good thing as they make you appear less intelligent to potential dates.


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