What's Trending: Google becomes a store and other big web changes


Google's been a verb for a long time, as in "I just googled that." Now it's not just a verb; it's a store.  Big changes on the net, that's What's Trending.
An unidentified source told 9to5google.com the web giant is planning to open retail stores in several major cities this year. Sure you might end up buying it online, but this'll give you a chance to go hands-on with new Google products like Google glass.  
"Obviously shareholders would be excited for that because it worked so well for Apple. Apple has 400 stores that equal to $10 billion a year in sales," said Data Doctors.
The stand-alone stores may be up in time for this year's holiday season.   
Google isn't the only web giant is trending.
Microsoft launched its new email service today. It's called Outlook.com.  You can say goodbye to Hotmail although all your Hotmail emails will transfer to Outlook, so you won't lose anything. This is Microsoft's shot at Google and Yahoo. The company will reportedly spend up to $90 million on the Outlook media blitz.
And finally, in six degrees of separation you can connect any actor to Kevin Bacon in six or fewer movie links. But  now we learn that no two pages on the web are separated by more than 19 clicks. 
So next time you're doing something naughty on the web check yourself, you may only be a few clicks away from your grandmothers Facebook page. 
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