What's Trending: Have coffee with cats, vampires and maids in Japan

What happens when you combine a coffee shop with a hot mess of entertainment? Well, in Tokyo, you just never know. That’s because the world of unusual themed cafes are taking over tea time in the city.

This new trend is taking Japan by storm and catching worldwide attention for their unique cafe concoctions by taking  wild (or mild) fantasies and making them reality -- all with some WiFi and a good cup of Japanese java.

The most popular are the maid cafes.  In these places, they call you master and answer to your every noshery need. But don't worry ladies, there's also a butler version to bring your brew.

Then it’s time to say “Hello, kitty” at the cat cafe. It’s here that patrons pay about $10 an hour to hang out with a purring playmate. This became popular when apartments wouldn't allow pets for residents yet city slickers still wanted some animal companionship.

If kitties aren't your cup of coffee, try the bunny cafe. It’s the same deal as the cat place, just with rabbits.

And if dime-a-dance animal friends aren't good enough, you can get a little stranger, and snuggle up with an actual stranger at a Japanese cuddle cafe. Yup, for about $40 for 20 minutes, you can cuddle it out.

The list goes on and on. For example, you may want to cut your own muffin at a samurai cafe, or maybe a vampire café is more your style. And, no, this is not a sparkly Edward in the sunlight vampire. but the old fashioned vampire from the coffin.

Will these crazy cafes make their way to the U.S.? Maybe… but if they don’t, make sure you drop by one of them for a cup of extra sweet-goodness next time you're in the land of the rising bean.

And that's what's trending.



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