What's Trending: 5 great parodies of 'Les Miserables'

Anne Hathaway lost 25 pounds for the film "Les Miserables."  Her role as Fantine has become fodder for internet parodies...and that's What's Trending.

The parody that's gotten the most play pokes fun at Hathaway's hunger to win the Oscar.   

Other "Les Miserables" numbers are getting skewered too. Here's the Korean Air Force singing about their snowy winter.
If you've seen the movie, saw the musical or read the novel, then you know Jean Valjean was tossed in jail because he was so hungry he stole a scrap of bread. This parody of one day more deals with a modern kind of bread-related anguish.
Let's move to Eponine's big number, "On My Own." 
And finally, let's wrap it up with this parody, where the turmoil of "Les Miz" finds its way into a modern hospital.
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