What's Trending: Pets dressed up for the Holidays

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There are over 170 million dogs and cats living in homes all across the U.S. But these furry friends are in grave danger. It's time we called attention to a serious problem, and that problem is people forcing pets to wear clothes they don’t want to wear.

Due to the success of social media like tumlbr and Pinterest, pets are forced to commit fashion faux pas on four paws.

We all saw it in the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, but life has imitated art with thousands of pictures and videos uploads capturing the adorable faces of pets in fashion agony.

No species is immune. This epidemic has affecting cats, dogs and even pigs.

It ranges from just a sweater, to some boots, to a full holiday outfit.

Some brave pets try to fight it and some stand frozen, who knows how red their faces are under that fluff as they hope the humiliation will end. All while the owners, selfishly eat it all up.

You can see the pain in their eyes as their dignity gets buried in an emotional kitty litter box. All for a few LOLs.

Let's come together and make this stop. I mean, unless you have a video that's really, really ridiculously cute.



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