What's Trending: Seinfeldtoday goes viral on with twitter plot pitches

What if "Seinfeld" were still on the air today? A brand new twitter feed that just sprang up answers that question and it’s “What's Trending.”

"Seinfeld" was the biggest show of the 1990s. Now, creative tweets place Jerry, Elaine, Kramer and George squarely in today's world. The twitter account is @seinfeldtoday and the tweets are plot pitches like this: "Elaine pretends to live in Brooklyn to date a cute, younger guy. Kramer becomes addicted to 5 hour energy. George's parents get Skype."

Jack Moore, sports editor at Buzzfeed and comedian, is the brain behind the new twitter craze. With his pal comedian Josh Gondelman, they started tweeting plot pitches back and forth. Soon, they decided the concept was worthy of its own feed and @seinfeldtoday was born.

Within 24 hours, they had 60,000 followers, and at last check, it was nearing 250,000. @seinfeldtoday fans are loving the growth and the tweets keep coming.

Here’s another one from the feed: "Jerry discovers Newman is secretly an internet famous fan fiction writer. George gets aroused reading 50 Shades of Grey, questions self."

While the modern Seinfeld twitter feed has gone viral, Jerry and his Seinfeld co-creator Larry David haven't weighed in on "Seinfeld 2.0." But Jason Alexander, George Costanza himself, has. He retweeted a news story about it.

To follow the gang yourself, check out modern Seinfeld @seinfeldtoday on twitter. If you have ideas for other classic sit-coms that need to be dipped into 2012, tweet us @thelistshowtv.

In the meantime, here’s another tweet we love from the feed: "Elaine has a bad waiter at a nice restaurant. Her negative yelp review goes viral, she gets banned. Kramer accidentally joins the tea party."

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