What's Trending: Unusual ways to treat the flu

Flu season is here and you know you'll do just about anything to get rid of it – including some strange flu remedies. 

This flu season is headed to be one of the worst one in years. It's hitting about 60 million Americans this winter season. Though there's no way to magically cure the flu, there are lots of new unconventional ways to relieve the symptoms.

One prescription is dessert. Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream has combined honey, ginger, cayanne and, don't forget the bourbon, for their "Influenza Sorbet." 

Or you can try to wash away the symptoms. The company, Kiss my Face, offers a Cold and Flu Bath and Shower Gel that's not meant to cure, but comfort.  It contains eucalyptus, fennel and olive oil.

And why not continue cleaning with bacon flu soap. It doesn't smell or taste like bacon, but it makes washing your hands more fun. Plus, it’s also effective as a vegan repellent.  

Other new ways to say adios influenza include acupuncture and even listening to jazz. Research says listening to 30 minutes of ragtime tunes boosts protein to help fight against the virus. Sounds like some doctor has 500 copies of his vanity jazz CD in the garage.    

Forget the chicken noodle soup, new ways to fight the flu are what's trending. 

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