What's Trending: Viral Harlem Shake is the new Gangnam Style

Internet frenzies seem to spring up out of nowhere. Remember Gangnam Style?  Right now it's all about the Harlem Shake. It's the latest craze shaking the online dance floors -- and it's what's trending. 


It all started with some dudes in a dorm room and it's taken the web by storm. Overnight, the Harlem Shake has become the most parodied video in 2013.   What exactly is this majestic mayhem? The song is Baauer' s "Harlem Shake" and the dance starts with one a lone hoofer tearing it up until... BOOM...the party really gets started.
From offices, to underwater, to firefighters people are shaking.  There's even a video with Spiderman and a chicken.   Celebrities are also getting in on  the fun such as Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots. Everyone is becoming a part of the new dance craze that can only be explained as 30 seconds to happiness. 
Here is OUR list of our favorite viral Harlem Shake versions. 
At number 3: When Mom's out- the boys will play!
Number 2: Partying with G-mas! This grandson is helping his grandmas become viral stars.  Look at the dance moves of granny on the right. She's picking her nose. Nice!
And at number one: The Norweigen Army has come to fight you with ridiculousness.

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