What's Trending: Women taking up golf to relieve stress and build relationships


Six million women are now teeing it up in the U.S, making up 6 percent of all golfers. Ladies are trading in their heels for spikes, and that's What's Trending.

What was once a man's game is changing course as more women than ever are hitting the links.

Shawn Jardine is the founder of Diva Golf and she is changing the game one swing at a time. With Diva Golf, it's not about holes in one or making par, it's about the experience and building relationships.

“We have stress in our real life all day. Why would we pay money to come out here and be stressed over a game? It’s a game,” said Jardine.

It may be a game, but Jardine says it's definitely not a waste of time.

“It’s necessary in the corporate world and I think it does give women an edge if they do know the basics of the game and they can hold their own,” Jardine said.

You'll need three things to start playing golf. 

1) Your own golf clubs – Jardine recommends looking for a good used set. Don’t borrow your husband’s clubs.

2) Golf lessons – Learn how to swing the right way and how to putt.

3) Time on the course – You need to practice. 

“At least the one good thing about golf is you get to be outside. The  weather's great and you can play anytime any place at any age,” Jardine said.

What are you waiting for?   Golf…it's addicting and it's trending.  




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