Top of the List: Edward Snowden's sightseeing itinerary and what's in the fertility forecast

Here are the stories people are talking about on August 1, 2013.

1.  THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS LEAKER HAS ESCAPED THE MOSCOW AIRPORT:  Russia granted temporary asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.  After being stuck in the Moscow airport for a month, he gets to stay in the country for a year and that means plenty of time for sightseeing.  We’ve taken the liberty of creating an itinerary for him; on the list of attractions we have chosen, the Museum of Felt Boots, the Cat Museum, a game of paintball with Vladimir Putin, followed by a relaxing night in his hotel room watching TV.  We’ll bet he’s betting the movie of the week isn’t The Terminal.

2.  NOW IT’S TIME FOR THE FERTILITY FORECAST:  And it calls for partly cloudy with a chance of babies.  After a 25 year low birth rate, the new U.S. fertility forecast predicts a rise in births this year.  The rates fluctuate with the economy which is one reason researchers believe they are rising.  The birth rate estimates the number of children a woman is expected to have in her lifetime, so get ready for more bouncy houses, more trips to Toys R’ Us, and more mommy blogs.

3.  AND NOW A WHISTLEBLOWER OF A DIFFERENT KIND:  At home she’s a married mother of three, at work she puts on the referee stripes and officiates football games.  Sarah Thomas is one of 21 finalists in a development program for NFL referees and she’s the one to beat.  Thomas has been refereeing grade school, high school and college games for nearly 16 years and was discovered by an NFL scout.  Her kids must have it tough, when she calls you out for illegal use of hands at the dinner table, you’re definitely getting a time out!

4.  TGI ROTGUT:  Talk about a bait and switch!  A New Jersey TGIFriday’s franchise owner is facing a $500,000 fine for serving cocktails using cheaper liquor when customers ordered premium brands.  The restaurants were raided as part of a larger investigation called, we’re not making this up, Operation Swill. Guess they figured as long as they mixed name brand Diet Mountain Dew with your Courvoisier no one would notice.

5.  MEET MR. BUBBLES!  Jerry Hall is less than a day away from setting a world record for the longest fresh water SCUBA dive, and that record is six days.  Hall has been under water since Saturday, and has been spending his time talking with friends, watching movies, even napping, ‘I actually slept really good last night, heck I’m in the world’s largest water bed’, he said.  He’s even eating small bites of food, hopefully not sushi, he could alienate his roommates.

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