Re-Coding Our Minds For A Better Life

Posted at 8:05 AM, Apr 06, 2023

The human mind is an amazing thing...and we are learning more about it every day. Dr. Sam Rader says that the first five years of our life basically "code" our unconscious. While a lot of this coding that we inherit from our family systems is wonderful and supports us well in life, some of it is glitchy. Dr. Rader says re-coding our brains could help eliminate negative traits and the baggage that comes with them — and she's sharing the benefits.

More fulfilling lives

We have a lot of lifelong patterns and coping methods -- many counterproductive -- that over time we've come to believe are our personalities. But in truth, they aren't who we really are. And in truth, having these often reflective mechanisms ruling our lives is like living in of invisible prison. If we can identify and understand the conditioning that makes us act in certain ways, we can free ourselves, and change anything we want. So when we're able to learn about these coping methods, name them, and do things to help heal from them, we become free and we go from those old unconscious wounds possessing us, to us possessing them. Then we can live from our essence instead of from our wounds.

Break bad habits

Instead of trying to control ourselves and white-knuckle our way out of bad habits, re-coding allows ourselves to more deeply understand ourselves, feel compassion for how we got formed into a shape that produces those bad habits, and then heal ourselves at the root — so that the habit isn't actually a habit anymore.

Create more meaningful relationships.

Dr. Rader says doing this work allows us to not only understand ourselves better, but also to understand our loved ones. We can learn that the things other people do that drive us nuts is just part of their coping style — that they’re often motivated by a certain need that didn't get met. You don't have to agree with what they've done or condone it, but when you understand it, it softens the heart and it deepens connection.

Once we tap into our source code, we can write our own realities.

Our physical body, our emotional body, our relationships, the circumstances in our lives, our career, our finances, all of that is determined by our coding. So when we rewrite the code, everything shifts not just how we think and feel and how we show up in the world, but the world shifts around us. Dr. Rader says it’s very mystical, and a very beautiful thing to see.