The Key To Adding 100K To Your Bottom Life Isn't What You Think

Posted at 2:30 PM, May 19, 2023

Even these days, when there are seemingly millionaires everywhere, most of us would be thrilled with the idea of adding $100,000 to our savings. And while it may sound impossible, there are ways to reach that goal. Award-winning executive coach Mitchell Creasey, aka the President's Coach, tells how he added 100k to his bottom line, and you can too.

Starting with — be honest with yourself about what you want.

Mitchell admits that for a long time, he was his own worst enemy when it came to making money. If he felt sad or angry, he felt he didn’t deserve to be rewarded. But the more he focused on what he really wanted, the more he increased his capacity to actually receive it.

Mitchell adjusted his attitude, telling himself money will happen regardless of emotions. He told himself that money is his best friend; that he and money have a great relationship. Those are the beliefs he started to dial into his body. You don’t have to solve your other issues — you just have to remember what you want. That allows your consciousness to rise up to actually receiving it.

Then he created a blueprint.

He started asking himself a question as much as possible: if he already had the dollar figure he wanted, how would he feel? And each time he asked himself this question he noticed himself slipping into a state of peace. He noticed his heart opening. He noticed himself feeling like he was receiving a big hug, and he learned to savor this feeling. He tattooed it on his inner being, and came back to it as much as possible. One of Mitchell’s guiding thoughts: if you get your attitude in the right place, by the time the money or whatever it is you want actually arrives, your body's conditioned to receive it. So it's going to feel normal.

Finally it was time to take action....

Mitchell admits that it was kind of scary, but it started to work. So he started to take actions as if he was already making that 100K. He put his attention on the end result, and let that pull him forward in the steps he was taking in the present. Mitchell says whatever you do... keep going it until you see dollar signs. He likens it to going to the gym. When you start to go to the gym, you start to feel different, even though there’s really no actual physical difference in your body. But if you keep going day after day after day, all of a sudden one day you wake up and see a muscle, and your belly has flattened, and there’s a difference. When we just choose to keep going, when we keep moving, when we keep putting one foot in front of the other, the thing we want has no choice but to meet us on our path.

That’s Mitchell’s guide to stashing away the cash, by learning how attract more money into our lives.

adapted for web by Dave Hanson