The Secret To Saving Money On Summer Travel is Hidden Here

Posted at 2:58 PM, May 19, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-19 17:58:25-04

There are two things on a lot of people want to do this summer: take a vacation, and save money. Emily Kaufman, aka the Travel Mom, gave us some travel suggestions that'll fill your memory bank without emptying your bank account.

Her gateway to great travel — visitor and convention centers

Especially if you’re traveling to an area with a lot of activities, the visitor and convention centers are a great way to get an overview. It’ll alert you to special events, deals on accommodations, specials on area attractions, and more — and it's absolutely free. It’s also a really great starting point when it comes to strategizing a getaway. You can check out their websites and make a plan before you get to your destination. As an example she mentions the PGA National Resort in the Palm Beaches. They have special offers and savings and starting in June, and even a summer family savings pass. So you can enjoy all types of activities like Lion Country Safari and the Rapids Water Park — or you can get out on the Lahaie River and do standup paddleboard or kayaking.

Next, try to visit an area in the off season.

When the temperatures go up, prices go down — so in summer, try places like Scottsdale, Arizona or Palm Springs, California. Sure the temps will be scorching but the deals will be too! You can stay at five star resorts for three star prices and get a lot of added value with credits to be used on property for things like the spa, dining, golf, and more. And with these locations being 'off the radar' for summer vacations, you'll practically have the joint to yourself!

Next up, try going on a cruise

When it comes to a great way to maximize your travel dollar, a cruise is a great way to go. For one price you get your onboard accommodations, meals, and activities, and while you sleep, you're magically transported to a different destination — including some truly magical places you’d have never thought to visit. You only pack and unpack one time, and you get a little taste of lots of different places and activities. And be sure to look out for those summer deals. Something Emily loves in summer is an Alaska cruise. Holland America has a deal that's $729 per person for seven nights — including snorkeling and your beverage package.

We’re tightening our belts and expanding our horizons, with these summer travel tips.

adapted for web by Dave Hanson