10 memes getting laughs at United’s expense

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By: Dave Taylor | Orlando Morales Posted: 6:12 PM, Apr 14, 2017

It didn't take long after the United Airlines controversy for plenty of mocking responses to fly their way from every angle with memes, jokes, and even comments from other airlines. A few of them poke fun at United's famous slogan, like this ad from award-winning Emirates Airlines:

It was bad enough that United's competitors roasted them in one of their ads, but companies compare themselves to competitors in their ads all the time. But you know you've really messed up when Jimmy Kimmel is joking about you on his show. But he hasn't been the only one. The Twitterverse and Memeosphere have been abuzz since the incident. Check out some of the most creative jokes and pokes at United that are sweeping the internet by storm.

1. The Gifs

The longer you watch them the funnier and more true they get. The Airplane! gif is the classic, but we haven't seen the Indiana Jones mashup before. Plus a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air twist is a nostalgic send-up that's just too good.:

2. The Memes

We can see some of the same memes over and over, but these United memes are as new as they are pretty accurate.

3. The Tweets

The Twitterverse always speaks its mind about things it finds ridiculous and this United scandal is no different.