10 of the most ’90s video clips you forgot existed

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 6:13 PM, May 5, 2017

Happy Flashback Friday! If you love thinking back to the good times in the '90s and need a work day dance break, you've got to see this music video of the talented and funny Ben Giroux and Jensen Reed jamming together your favorite songs and pop culture moments from the decade from Blockbuster, to Nirvana, even slime and pizza bagels! Radical!

Check out the other rad music videos and sketches on the guys' pages; you won't be disappointed. But if you're finding yourself missing the greatest things about the '90s, get your throwback fix with our list of just 10 of our favorite things from the decade. Like, we could go on and on, but we'd have to draw the line somewhere…

1. Chuck E. Cheese's

If your childhood town was anything like ours, your friends had to have their parties at Chuck E. Cheese's or it was no party at all. All that pizza? The games? Those robots? Okay, maybe not the robots…those were creepy…

2. Light Up Sneakers

One of the most frivolous accessories we've ever had in our closets…but also one of the coolest…Also, what does this commercial even mean??

3. The Full Fresh Prince of Bel Air Intro

Probably one of the coolest theme songs ever in the history of ever.

4. The Hair

A lot of cool things came out of the '90s. Some of them were cool clothes and hairstyles…but not all of them quite made the cut when it came to longevity…


There was nothing like jumping onto your computer after school to get help with, or procrastinate around, your homework with your buddies on Instant Messaging. Uh oh, Mom and Dad are home! *posts away message*

6. Bop It!

The '90s were the decade of upping the toy store game and this game was one of our absolute favorites. If you bust it out right now, I'll take you down.

7. Nickelodeon Cartoons

Man, some of those old shows were weird, looking back, but they're still some of our favorites to this day. Relive some of your favorite shows with the vocal stylings of Brock Baker.

8. The Cereals

A lot of cereals came and went in the '90s. The ones that stayed, we still get to indulge in today; and the ones that left, we'll think of fondly forever.

9. The Board Games

Don't Wake Daddy? Ele-fun? Connect Four??? The '90s board game, well, game, was untouchable. Sure, some cool board games have come before and after the decade, but the '90s game trade had nothing but hits.

10. ABC's TGIF

All you needed in the '90s was a Friday night, a line up of comedies, and your feet up on the couch, are we right? Good times…

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