10 vacation trend facts that’ll make you wanna get away

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By: Donna Ruko | Dave Hanson | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 9:32 PM, Jun 13, 2017

Going on vacation has changed over the years. It's not just mom and dad packing the kids up in the van to drive to the Grand Canyon or Walley World (nudge, nudge). The reasons and motivations for vacationing aren't the same as the ones we used to have; and even the world of vacation amenities has changed for the better. Find out how with this list of vaycay facts, by the numbers:

5: The number of Chevy Chase's Vacation movies we've been blessed with

Admit it, at least once during one of these movies, you wished you were part of the Griswold family, just so your vacations would be as raucous as theirs.

23%: The amount of people that admit they've used a sick day as a vacation day

The other 77% are either the worlds' best workers or were taking this survey with their bosses standing behind them…

#1 Popular Vacation Type: Sand & sea

Vacationers nowadays are being called to earn their sea legs. Behind that is a nature-centric vacation tied with a "big city" vacation.

3,000,000: The amount of lodging listings AirBnB has

That's a lot of success for two guys who couldn't pay their bills 9 years ago. Thanks to their former travel woes, you can now rent a bed just about anywhere: a castle, a private island, even an igloo!

95%: The amount of people that read reviews before booking a trip

The other 5% know everything they need to know about booking trips, obviously…

17 million: The amount of travelers that take "health and wellbeing focused" vacations

These vacationers are looking for R&R that helps them get in touch with their inner selves; and while they're at it, they're also helping tourist spots get in touch with some green – wellness tourists spend 130% more than the average vacationer.

20 million: The amount of people per year that go on a cruise

Don't want to get too sandy but still want to feel the ocean breeze through your hair? Join these vacationers on a cruise ship!

8: The amount of years "staycation" has been in the dictionary

According to some research, the word is considered to be coined by a Canadian comedian in the TV show Corner Gas in 2005, and now it's also starting to become known in other countries. Nothing crosses cultures like taking some time off.

97%: The amount of millenials that say they share pictures while traveling

But it's not for just the youngsters! Get those Snapchat accounts popping, parents!

662 million: The amount of vacation days go unused by US workers

You earned them – so take them! Or give them to me…I will take them.

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