11 of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in 2018

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By: Frenchie Aguilh | Dave Taylor Posted: 12:21 AM, Dec 8, 2017

Whether you're looking for a new job, know someone who is, or, you just like to daydream about working anywhere other than your office, we've got some options, just for you. Job review site, Glassdoor.com released their list of the Best Places to Work for in 2018; so, get your resumé and give your references a heads up – we're showing you where your favorite companies and brands stand on their list.

1. Facebook

The company may have been #2 last year, but in 2018, Facebook takes spot #1 on Glassdoor's employees' choice list of Best Places to Work. Aside from being Mark Zuckerburg's vehicle for taking over the world, Facebook gives employees the incredible chance to reach, literally, billions of people with their work.

Aside from giving workers the chance to change the digital world, Facebook also offers free lunch and snacks for workers, maternity and paternity leave for new parents, and a benefits package that'll make your jaw drop.

2. In-N-Out Burger

If you live in a state with an In-N-Out Burger and you're looking for a job, employees of the chain say it's the place you want to work. The fast food joint is #4 on Glassdoor's list, thanks to its focus on employee advancement (both in store and at the corporate level), the camaraderie that builds on the crew line, and, most famously, its competitive pay.

Plus you get to eat all the fries and burgers you want – yes, please.

3. Google

If you've seen the film, The Internship, then you already know how awesome it can be to work at Google. If you haven't seen it, don't (it's terrible), the #5 company on Glassdoor's list is famous for its fantastic workplace amenities like onsite vendors that give haircuts, make gourmet food, even help you get your Passport updated.

Plus, the ability to say, "Yeah, I work at Google", is a pretty nice perk.

4. lululemon

This yoga apparel favorite is #6 on Glassdoor's Best Places to Work list. Employees love that they get ongoing professional, and personal, development at the company. One Texas employee of the brand says full time employees at her location get $225 preloaded Visa cards per month to spend on workouts in the community – getting the lululemon brand out to the people, while also giving their workers a hand with their health.

Employees also get a generous discount on lululemon merchandise, which at their prices, is definitely a nice plus.

5. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

If you love to help others and work towards great causes, check out St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, #9 on Glassdoor's list. Aside from helping thousands of children every year, the company also helps to take care of their own. One of the biggest things about St. Jude that employees love is that the hospital really seems cares about them too.

St. Jude pays about 80% of employee healthcare expenses, offers an on-campus wellness and fitness facility, onsite farmer's market, seasonal food trucks, an onsite credit union – even free parking!

6. Delta Airlines

If you've ever wanted to work for an airline, Delta might be the place to start looking. Rated as Glassdoor's #21 company to work for in 2017, the airline has gotten even better and now sits at #17 on Glassdoor's list for 2018. The site considers Delta an industry leader that offers compensation packages that employees love, competitive pay, and worldwide travel privileges!

7. Southwest Airlines

But your airline opportunities don't stop there. Southwest Airlines is #23 on Glassdoor's list, up 5 slots since 2017. Employees consider it a company with heart and while the work is fast paced, many leaders in the company do their best to help their workers succeed.

Many also say that the people who work for Southwest really make a difference, as it seems the company makes a point to hire friendly and outgoing individuals that really make an impact on their customers.

8. Microsoft

Looking to break into the tech world? Give your job search a start with Microsoft. The software giant is #39 on Glassdoor's list, and offer lots opportunities to their workers to use their talents in areas they're interested in. Other perks of working at the company include "next level" benefits, according to one employee, free premium beverages in the office, and discounts on Xbox products, the company's Surface, software, and more!

9. Discount Tire

This is the first time the company's made it onto Glassdoor's list, but at #51, they're off to a good start. Aside from getting discounts on their products, for all their vehicular needs, the company generously rewards employees for their work. And with over 900 stores in 28 states, the opportunities for growth at the company are plentiful.

10. Trader Joe's

If you've ever wanted to work at the grocery store favorite, you'll be happy to know that it's #70 on Glassdoor's Best Places to Work list. Among the awesome discounts you get on everything in store, employees praise the company for its health insurance, time off accrual, and scheduling flexibility. But many employees say that the best thing about a job at TJ's is the fun and friendly environment the workers set at their stores. Well, that and the tasty samples.

11. Starbucks

Chances are, you live about 5 minutes from 3 Starbucks stores, so the #96 place to work on Glassdoor's list is a perfect spot to start a search for a new job. Many employees say the company's benefits are superb, and even part time workers get access to the best of the best when it comes to those benefits. Not to mention that you get all the free coffee you could possibly want, which probably ends up coming in handy during those big, coffee run rushes.

Click here to see Glassdoor's full list of the Top 100 Places to Work in 2018 and get ready to start dreaming big when it comes to your day job.

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