12 Tech Items You Should Be Trading In For Cash

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 6:40 PM, Nov 21, 2017

You might have a stack of coupons and discount ads saved for your holiday shopping, but did you know you could have hundreds of dollars waiting to be spent, just lying around your house? If you've got a phone, tablet, or gaming console collecting dust, you can trade those items in for cash! Check out this list of the 12 of the most popular tech items on the market that you can get cash back for when you trade them in.

1. Xbox One S Console

If you or your kids have outgrown their Xbox One with 2 TB of storage, you can trade it in for up to $144 with Amazon's trade-in program! That would be a nice advance on the next console you've got your eye on.

You can even trade in extra Xbox One controllers you might not be using. Best Buy estimates you can get up to $15 for a wireless controller in good condition.

2. PS4 Console

If you're more of a PlayStation household, you can turn in a PS4 Pro with 1 TB of storage and get back up to $149 with Amazon. If you have a PlayStation 4 slim 1TB console, you can get around $98 with Amazon as well.

And don't forget those controllers! We've seen them be worth anywhere from $10 with Best Buy's trade-in to up to $17 with Amazon's trade-in. You can even trade in Designer Skin covers for cash too!

3. iPhone 5s

If you have an iPhone 5s at home in perfect condition, buy-back site Decluttr.com says you could trade it in for up to $86. But we all know that sometimes iPhones can take a bit of a beating, so you can still get a good price trading in an iPhone with a few cracks or scratches for around $60.

And the more storage your iPhone has, the more cash you'll be able to get it for. An iPhone 5S with 64 GB can go for up to $75 with Amazon's trade-in program.

4. iPhone 6

If your old iPhone 6 has 64 GB of storage and is still in working condition, you can get up to $170 for it with Amazon. Their trade-in program will also give you $120 for iPhone 6's with 16 GB of storage.

5. iPhone 6s

Got the iPhone 6s in a drawer somewhere? Pull it out and get up to $160 with Amazon.

6. Samsung S7

And it isn't just iPhones that can get you big bucks – a decent Samsung S7 can get you up to $140 with the Amazon trade-in program.

7. Samsung S7 Edge

You can get an "edge" on holiday shopping with some extra cash by trading in your Samsung S7 Edge. This phone could get you up to $170 when traded in on Amazon.

8. Samsung Galaxy S8+

The big Samsung bucks come from the Galaxy S8+. If you're lucky enough to have one of these that you aren't using, you can trade it in on Amazon for up to $370. How do you like them apples? (See what we did there?)

9. iPhone 7

Over your iPhone 7? Use it to get some extra cash! You can trade-in a, still operative, iPhone 7 with 16 GB of storage on Amazon for up to $155. If you've got 32 GB of storage, you can fetch up to $300.

10. iPhone 7 plus

If this fancy phone is sitting in a drawer at your house, and it's got 16 GB of storage, you can trade it in for up to $155 on Amazon. A 32 GB version of this phone can get you around $290 to $300 on Amazon.

11. iPhone 8 plus

If you've got an iPhone 8 at home with 256gb of storage, Decluttr.com says you can get up to $630 for it – meaning you could still get a good amount for the phone, even if it's got a few bumps or dings.

12. iPad Pro 12.9

If you grabbed this tablet with 32 GB of storage and is Wi-Fi enabled, you can get up to $255 for it with Amazon's trade-in program.

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