14 Star Wars gifs that are totally you on a night out

There's nothing like going out on a weekend night to have fun with your pals. But weekend after weekend, it can be hard to describe the many emotions you might feel: excitement, confusion, the need to awkwardly dance. But nothing seems to understand our human emotions the way gifs do. And with today being a huge day for Star Wars fans, there'd be no better way to explain those feelings than with these 14 Star Wars gifs that perfectly describe going out.

1. Figuring out what to wear:

"Do I do the brown belt with the black tunic or the brown tunic with the black belt…? I wonder what Stephanie's going to wear…"

2. When your friends come over and you help each other get ready:

"Girl, don't even trip, you look fabulous. Your chest hair is glistening."

3. When the Uber finally arrives to pick you up:

"Uber driver, can you take a quick picture of us? This is the best I'm going to look all night…"

4. When you get to the bar and the bouncer asks for ID…but you're definitely over 21…:

"Do you need to see my leg hair too? I'm over 21 okay! It's a baby face!"

5. When you try to get to the bar to order a drink but there's way too many people:

"All of you are in the way of my margarita and I do not appreciate it…"

6. When a hottie across the bar checks you out:

"Who me? Oh, hey, yeah I work out…"

7. When you realize the hottie at the bar was talking to someone behind you:

"Oh…no, it's cool, I was just…flexing for…myself…"

8. When a different hottie checks you out…for real this time:

"Hay, boo…"

9. When you and your friends' favorite song comes on:

*Busts out memorized Beyonce music video moves*

10. Woops, broke the seal…:

"Everyone get out of my way. I have to pee! Suzanne, come to the bathroom with me."

11. When you and your friends finally leave the bar for food after (more than) a few drinks:

"I don't even care that I broke one of my heels…just take me to tacos…"

12. When the Uber arrives to take you all home and you think you're in hyperspace:

"I know this is a car…but…but it feels like a flying car…"

"Emily, you are drunk."

13. When you finally make it home and barely make it to bed:

"Never moving. Never again."

14. When your friends call you the next morning and expect you to be hungover:

"You know nothing of my power…to hydrate."

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