2018 Show Renewals: 4 Hit Dramas Returning for Season 2

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By: Cassarah Coffey Posted: 10:01 PM, May 16, 2018

Summer's coming, but the message from streaming services? Crank up that AC and settle back on the couch for the second seasons of their hit shows! Here are four shows getting renewed for sophomore seasons.


1. 13 Reasons Why


Many of us thought 13 Reasons Why was over since the book it's based on was covered in season one. But the show is writing a new chapter with a second season. One of the most tweeted-about shows in 2017, the drama looks to do the same in 2018 by exploring the impact of suicide on a community, and getting justice for those who've suffered. The binge begins May 18th on Netflix. 


2. Luke Cage


Another season two comes from a superhero show Luke Cage. This season a new villain comes to Harlem and puts Luke Cage, a.k.a. Power Man, on notice. Binge the battle June 22nd on Netflix.  


3. You Are Wanted


Netflix isn't the only streamer bringing the drama to sophomore seasons, with You Are Wanted at number three. A Hotel manager's life is turned upside down in season one of the German cyber thriller, when his life is hacked and manipulated. And it seems Lukas Franke's life is still spiraling out of control in the second season. This time the U.S. government gets involved as Lukas tries to clear his name as a cyber terrorist. Watch it dubbed or subtitled May 18th.  


4. Goliath


And, finally, to a lawyer going up against more than he can handle. Goliath is at number four!  Billy McBride took down the Goliath of the firm he built, and now he’s taking on a new case. But it isn't as open and shut as he thought. A deadly conspiracy unfolds, and the seedy side of L.A. becomes exposed as McBride tries to free his client. See if Billy Bob Thornton gives another Golden Globe winning performance on June 15th.


Can’t get enough drama in your life? Thank goodness these four will return to a smart TV near you!


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