2019 Fashion Trends: 3 Latest Style Trends & How to Pull Them Off

By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 11:21 AM, Feb 19, 2019 Updated: 10:48 AM, Feb 20, 2019

One year it’s all about Croc-inspired heels – then next is plastic denim. But we met with Cosmopolitan‘s Senior Fashion Editor, Tiffany Reid, at My Sister’s Closet who says these 2019 fashion trends are here to stay!


1. Monochromatic Beige

First on our list of 2019 fashion trends is monochromatic beige. “It’s timeless,” proclaims Tiffany. “If you think about anything like a trench coat, khaki color, utilitarian – that’s why I love it because there are so many different textures and materials you can play with.” This trend will work during every season this year. “What’s nice about nudes and neutrals is that you’re able to wear different tones of it and still look monochromatic without it looking like a big blah,” assures Tiffany. So pick your favorite beige neutrals and fearlessly rock them all at once!


2. Head-to-Toe Florals

Another one of the hottest 2019 fashion trends to look out for? Head-to-toe florals! “People think about spring/summer, but it can be worn throughout the rest of the year,” insists Tiffany. “All you have to do is layer it with like a turtle neck or t-shirt.” Women can wear floral everything, from floral sweat suits to floral dresses! Men can get in on the trend, too, with head-to-toe- floral suits.


3. Fisherman Chic

Finally, here’s one of those 2019 fashion trends that might catch you off guard: fisherman chic! “It is very new,” shares Tiffany. “I also feel like for men it could be a bit more of an aggressive trend to try to accomplish!” Feeling scared? Don’t be! “If you want to do the trend and you’re a little scared…there are ways to work around it,” says our expert. For example, ladies can try crotchet dresses and skirts – and men can try fishermen-inspired vest and accessories like bucket hats. “There are a whole bunch of seashell earrings, shoes with sea shells, even bags – those crotchet bags you wear on the beach,” adds Tiffany. Talk about looking like a catch!


If you’re looking for the hottest 2019 fashion trends, now you’ve got three of the latest runway looks to try in real life.


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