Your 2020 Lucky Color Based on Your Zodiac

By: Jacqui Denker | Jim Ventura Posted: 8:58 AM, Feb 10, 2020 Updated: 9:21 AM, Feb 10, 2020

Color influences a lot of what we do in life: what we wear, what we paint our homes, and even our hair. But it turns out some colors are luckier for us than others! So we turned to astrologist Jim Ventura to find out our 2020 lucky colors based on our zodiac signs.


1. Aries


Fiery Aries is noted for drive, energy, and a willingness to take things head on. Red, mustard, rust and eggplant tend to be strong colors for Aries. Avoid black, white, and even pink.


2. Taurus


Grounded Taurus is noted for consistency, practicality, and fortitude. Black, green, and pink tend to be strong colors for Taurus. Avoid reds and purples.


3. Gemini


Analytical Gemini is noted for communication, wit, and, analysis. Yellow, light green, white, and rose tend to be strong colors for Gemini. Avoid reds and orange.


4. Cancer


Sensitive Cancer is noted for their depth, care-taking skills, and good taste. White, green, blue, and mustard tend to be strong colors for Cancer. Avoid black, and burgundy.


5. Leo


Colorful Leo is noted for creativity, charisma, and leadership. Cooper, eggplant, gold and orange are strong colors for Leo. Avoid pale pink, light blue, and white.


6. Virgo


Practical Virgo is noted for analysis, service, and skillfulness. Green, black, grey, peach tend to be strong colors for Virgo. Avoid reds and orange.


7. Libra


Balanced Libra is noted for charm, keeping the peace, and seeing both sides of an issue. Cream, blue, black, and pink. Avoid neon colors.


8. Scorpio


Persevering Scorpio is noted for their influence, depth, and x-ray vision. Maroon, violet, pomegranate, and black are strong colors for Scorpio. Avoid white and pink.


9. Sagittarius


Colorful Sagittarius is noted for mutability, storytelling, and sense of adventure. Purple, Sienna, and mixed color patterns are strong choices for Sagittarius. Avoid black, and pink.


10. Capricorn


Grounded Capricorn is noted for achievement, work ethics, and ability to mull things over. Black, grey, navy blue, and white are strong colors for Capricorn. Avoid yellow, neons, and purple.


11. Aquarius


Visionary Aquarius is noted for knowledge, friendliness, and eccentricity. Turquoise, silver, sky blue, and lilac are strong colors for Aquarius. Avoid orange, gold and blue.


12. Pisces


Compassionate Pisces is noted for kindness, open hearts, and intuition. Lavender, white, blue and peach are strong colors for Pisces. Avoid red and dark blue.