3 $10 Gifts for Anyone That’s Hard to Shop For

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By: Todd Covelli Posted: 4:58 PM, Nov 27, 2017

We all have that one family member or friend that we have absolutely no idea what to get as a gift. But since you can't use, "You're impossible to shop for!" as an excuse every birthday or holiday, Jared Cotter did the research to show you you 3 5-star Amazon gifts that anyone can use and love – and they're all $10 or under.

1. The Meidi Smart Phone Holder

We all like to keep our cell phones on hand at all times, but when you've got your eyes on the road, you can't have your hand on your phone. So get that somewhat-special person in your life a Meidi Smart Phone Holder. This holder gets rid of flimsy clip on holders that can act up if you hit a bump.

The universal Meidi Smart Phone holder uses just a metal plate sticker that goes on your phone and attaches to the small holder that mounts on your car's air vent, thanks to 4 strong magnets. The holder is easy to install and even rotates 360 degrees for easy display and access your whole ride long. Grab the Meidi Smart Phone Holder on Amazon for around $9.49.

2.  Bluapples

You're definitely going to like these apples. These produce saving products help keep your fruits and vegetables fresher for longer. The apples hold sodium permanganate which helps neutralize gasses that can build up in your fridge and make your produce wilt faster.

According to Bluapple, a pair of these babies can save a family of four up to $600 a year on produce – and is there any better gift than fresh fruits and veggies and saving cash? We don't think so. Give the gift of saving green by grabbing a 2-pack of these freshness extenders for around $8.50.

3. Panasonic In-Ear Stereo Earphones

Everyone's got a favorite jam they like to groove to, so help your friends and family take their tunes, wherever they go, by grabbing them a pair of these Panasonic earbuds. The headphones' super soft earbuds conform into your ear, meaning they won't poke or prod while you're out and about – and the sound quality has made over 51,000 customers dance with joy.

Grab a pair of these earphones for someone on your gift list for around $9.

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