3 15-Minute-Flat Party Recipes You’ve Never Seen

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 9:04 PM, Dec 1, 2017

If anyone knows how to get amazing food, made fast, it's a food truck chef. These culinary experts crank out delicious dishes, in tiny spaces, and in tiny amounts of time! So, if you need some tips for making a meal that'll please guests with ease, fast, Jared Cotter's got your order. He talked to Shahe Koulloukian, chef on the Flying Pigeon Food Truck, to get you the lowdown on 3 quick-fix party food treats.

1. Margarita Mix Ice Cream Float

The secret behind this delicious treat that it's inspired by a simple classic. Don't be afraid to try new twists on old favorites, like this margarita mix float that adds Cuervo Classic Mix to vanilla ice cream and soda for a unique, tasty treat, without the effort.

2. Triflin' Desserts

You don't need an oven and a culinary degree to make delicious treats. Take this delicious Trifle, for example. The tiramisu-inspired crowd pleaser whips up in under 15 minutes and will make your guests think you've been moonlighting as a pastry chef.

3. Pulled Pork Monkey Bread

Monkey bread is always delicious, but, monkey bread with pulled pork? Now, that's something guests will want to dive into. Easily made with store-bought favorites like pesto, pulled pork, and slices of meat, this appetizer will have your guests begging for more. Good thing it only takes 15 minutes to make – who wants seconds?

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