3 allergy season apps to help stop that sneezing!

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By: Lindsey Granger | Mark Oltz Posted: 5:58 PM, May 2, 2017

April showers bring May flowers; and May flowers, they bring allergies *ACHOO!* If you're tired of blowing your stuffed nose and itching watery eyes, the doctor is in…okay, she may not be a doctor, but Lindsey Granger is an expert on apps and she's found 3 to help you clear your sinuses and clear your spring of those pesky allergies.

1. Allergy Eats

If you live with a food allergy or intolerance, you don't have to skip dining out! This free app helps diners find restaurants that can accommodate any type of food allergy. It's got 800,000 restaurants in the database and lets users from around the country rate their favorite place.

2. Web MD Allergy

Web MD comes to the rescue again with this free app that provides doctor approved articles to help you research and manage your allergies. From forecasting to symptom logging, and even personalizing your profile, Web MD Allergy can keep you prepared for the allergy season ahead.

3. Zyrtec Allergy Cast

Using weather information from 41,000 zip codes, this app helps users plan their day based on which types of allergens are most prevalent near you and even gives you tips on how to deal with the day's weather!

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