3 alternative dating apps you’ll fall in love with

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 6:00 PM, Apr 5, 2017

There’s reportedly a secret version of the dating app Tinder that none of us can use. Well, unless you're a model, rich or run a company. Lindsey Granger has a few more dating apps that put their own spin on the swipe including one for dog lovers.

1.  TheCatch

Unlike every hot or not swipe application, they understand that there's more to life than being really ridiculously good looking. The free app gives women the power by allowing them to choose up to 4 guys they match with and then the guys have to answer 3 questions of her choosing. Once the guys send their answers the girls gets to rate them – a smiley face means great, and the poop emoji, not so much. The guy with the highest rated answers is then paired into a chat with the girl.

2.  Bark'N'Borrow

This one connects busy dog owners to people that love dogs, but can't have one all the time. The free app allows you to message members and set meet-and-greets in hopes of creating relationships that extend from puppy love to owner love.

3.  Luxy

This is an app that's elite to some and offensive to others. It bills itself as Tinder minus the riff-raff and plays matchmaker for the rich and beautiful by connecting users based on their favorite luxury brands. Once you download the app you have to be voted in with a minimum $200,000 per year income or you can pay $99 a month to be allowed in right away as a VIP.

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