3 Amazing Themed Bars and Restaurants

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 9:00 PM, Jan 19, 2018

Early themed restaurants like The Hard Rock Cafe or Planet Hollywood only used famous memorabilia to decorate their restaurants. But the trend these days is to give customers more to do than just look at stuff on a wall. We’re taking a look at three of the coolest themed bars and restaurants across America.


1. The Duce in Phoenix, Arizona


The Duce in Phoenix, Arizona is owned by Steve Rosenstein along with his wife and two sons. This restaurant is a 1920s-meets-1960s mashup, boasting over fifteen thousand square feet and offers an experience like none other. Inside, The Duce features several bars – one of them being the original bar from the iconic Black Orchid Jazz Club in Chicago. Other features – like a soda fountain, and two spaces for dancing and games like Corn Hole – bring in a huge crowd every weekend.


2. Harvey Washbangers Laundry in College Station, Texas


Hamburgers and laundry?! Harvey Washbangers combines brewpub grub with some high tech laundry machines. The restaurant’s goal was to make laundry day a little more fun and productive…and delicious! What goes better with suds than…suds?! Nothing washes down a fluff and fold like a pint and a nosh.


3. The Carousel Bar in New Orleans, Louisiana


The Carousel Bar located inside of the Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter. Twenty five seats wrap around this nineteenth century circus-style marry-go-round that takes about fifteen minutes for a full revolution. Just enough time to throw back one of their fifteen different cocktails!


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