3 Amazing Thrill Rides from Around the Country

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By: Teresa Strasser | Orlando Morales Posted: 7:54 PM, Oct 6, 2017

Today on the Buzz List we are looking at awesome thrill rides from across this great country of ours. Teresa Strasser has three of the most ridiculous that you'll want to ride.

3.  Falcon's Fury at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida

This 335-foot tower lets you enjoy five seconds of free fall, reaching a speed of 60 miles per hour. That’s just what you need after a couple trips to the churro stand.

2.  Giant Canyon Swing at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

This ride launches you a hair raising 1,300-feet over the Colorado River at 50 miles per hour. Now that’s crazy and awesome all in one.

1.  Stratosphere Tower SkyJump in Las Vegas, Nevada

Do you want to spend your vacation being hurled 829-feet at 40 miles per hour? Then it's a sure bet that this is the ride for you!

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