3 American Foods Foreigners Find Disgusting

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By: Teresa Strasser | Orlando Morales Posted: 7:30 PM, Nov 13, 2017

There are some food staples in this fine country of ours that we love and embrace. Did you know that not everyone feels the same? Today on the Buzz List Teresa Strasser has three American foods that foreigners find disgusting.

3.  American Cheese

Velveeta and Cheez Whiz are cheesy goodness for most people in America, but some overseas consider it fake food.

2.  American Candy

Some outsiders think that Red Vines taste like soap and Hershey's has a dusty texture. How rude!

1.  Biscuits & Gravy

This Southern staple has some haters outside of America, some comparing it to dunking biscuits in tea. Gross!

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