3 animals that love people food as much as we do

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 3:47 PM, Apr 3, 2017

Animals sure do live the good life. They get to lay around on branches and savannas all day; they get to hang out with their friends in packs all the time. They even get to eat soup and waffles whenever they want! Wait – animals don't have soup and waffles whenever they want? Then these animals are living the fancy life when they try a few human food standards in this quirky-cute video by entertainment company Super Deluxe:

Hey, sometimes eating with your hands is the best way to show how delicious you find your food! You can't even wait to pick up your silverware! If these silly snackers have you craving more vids featuring animals mowing down in hilarious fashions, check out these three clips of a super chill sloth, a romantic hamster couple, and two, very lazy Huskies.

1. Carrots Only, Please…

Chewbacca the sloth is not interested in any treat that isn't his beloved carrot. If you're not a carrot, you can just keep on walking…

2. Tiny Hamster's Tiny Date

Get date night inspired by this romantic date featuring a gondola ride, pasta and meatballs, and two, very in love hamsters.

3. Thank You For Being A Friend

These two Huskies cannot be bothered to move for their treats, but when a friend needs a hand, you muster…a little bit of energy.

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