3 Animals that Stole the Show in John Lewis Ads

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 5:19 PM, Nov 13, 2017

Retailer John Lewis is famous for its holiday ads, loved by many due to their warm fuzzy feelings of love and life during the holidays. But you know what else makes a holiday ad – heck, any ad – extra special? Super cute animals, of course. So, get ready to feel some warm holiday fuzzies – pun intended – because we're showing you our favorite 3 John Lewis ads where the featured fuzz stole the show.

1. Moz the Monster

Get ready to feel love for a monster like you never have before. This year's John Lewis ad featured a little boy and his big, fuzzy friend, Moz. The two become friends and stay up for all hours of the night having fun; but when Moz realizes that his little boy is always tired when they aren't together, Moz finds the perfect gift for him, even if that means things will change for the monster too.

And if after watching this, you want to let Moz the Monster into your home, you can get a plush toy of him for holiday season snugglin' ($28), or get him on a mug ($7) or on kids' slippers ($19-22)! Moz also has his own book that tells the story of him and his little boy, Joe, that will warm your heart on a chilly winter's night. Pick it up from John Lewis's website for around $12.50. And the warm-fuzziest part about Moz's merchandise? A portion of proceeds from Moz sales will go to Barnardo's, a charity for vulnerable children and youth.

2. Buster the Boxer

In this piece made for the 2016 holiday season, one little girl finds out just how magical Christmas can be when her dreams of soaring come true, thanks to her parents' gift to her.

But as much as you'll love seeing Christmas magic through a child's eyes, you'll love seeing it through Buster the Boxer's eyes even more. Hey, pets have dreams too…they also like presents, in case you haven't started looking for theirs yet…

3. Monty the Penguin

Everyone deserves a little love around the holiday, even our fuzziest of friends. In this John Lewis ad from 2014, one little penguin realizes that, as happy as he is to live with and love his favorite human, there's a little something missing in his penguin life. So his best human buddy makes a Christmas wish for a little more love for his flippered friend.

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